Public Works

Welcome to the Public Works Department

Public Works provides essential services for infrastructure and utilities throughout the City of Yuba City on a daily basis. Responsibilities include design, construction, operation, maintenance, and improvement in the following areas:

• Engineering • Street Maintenance
• Electrical • Water Distribution
• Facility Maintenance • Water Treatment
• Fleet Maintenance • Wastewater Treatment
• Sewer Collection • Laboratory

The Public Works Department strives to provide quality service on every project, every day.  We hope that our ongoing contributions and improvements to the City will continue to make Yuba City a great place to live, work and play.


Water Shortage Stage 2:

15% Conservation Goal!

California is experiencing a significant shortage of water, and subsequently the State has issued a voluntary water conservation goal of 15%. This is in line with the City’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan Stage 2 regulations. See the table below for the current conservation guidelines:

Voluntary State Recommendations:

Mandatory City Prohibitions

Irrigate one day less per week

No excess water runoff onto gutter, ditch, or drain

Run dishwashers & washing machines only when full

Failing to repair a controllable leak

Find and fix leaks

Washing down sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscape surfaces

Install water-efficient showerheads and take shorter showers

Using a hose without a shut-off nozzle

Use a shut-off nozzle on hoses

Irrigating during precipitation

Take cars to commercial car washes


Per State Executive Order N-10-21

Per City Council July 20, 2021

Water-Efficient Rebates

                            Cellular Meter Water Use Tracking

                            Water Shortage Contingency Plan
                           Regional Water Authority Garden Smart

Thank you for your water conservation efforts!